Continuing with the recent addition of Holidays and Celebrations collection, starting with Halloween frames about a month ago, we now added Thanksgiving and Christmas sets.

Halloween frames

We’ve added 17 frames for Thanksgiving and 44 for Christmas and one bonus frame in “Artistic” collection, “Various” set. All are vector frames, looking great at any resolution. Some of these frames can be used not only for these holidays, so we encourage you to take a look at them all and see if you can adapt them to other occasions as well.

Most of the frames are adapted for both horizontal and vertical orientations. Many of the frames are border-type frames, whose width can be adjusted. Check below how the icons look in ImageFramer and some framed images for demonstration.

How do you get the new frames?

It’s simple – select “Check for library updates” from ImageFramer menu. ImageFramer will even detect the news frames automatically if you have enabled “Automatic updates of frame library on startup” from preferences dialog.

Is it free?

The new frame collection is free for all registered ImageFramer users, including those who purchased ImageFramer on Mac App Store. There’s no catch – we just love our users

Enjoy the new frames and help us spread the word about ImageFramer!


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