Choose Instagram to promote your art

Instagram has collected over a billion users since 2010. This huge and very visual platform is excellent for selling art.

Vogue magazine called Instagram the “World’s Most Talked-About New Art Dealer” and here is the reason: studies have shown that Facebook and Instagram are the main connecting channels between artists, galleries, and art lovers. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that in the past three years, they were tracking paintings mainly through Instagram. 

Many collectors say that social networks have greatly simplified the process of finding and buying art. 

People do not feel the usual pressure when they use Instagram for buying paintings, photos or other art. No one is telling them the meaning of what they see, why they should buy it right now, or how talented the artist is. The final decision is made individually and based on what that person really likes.

On the other hand, the world of art has opened up for those painters who used to be considered outsiders. Many talented artists just don’t have funds for advertising, exhibitions, and personal agents. 

Hundreds of painters have skyrocketed in fame since creating an Instagram account.  As an example of how Instagram can benefit an artist’s career, read “Artists who Jump-Started Their Careers by Selling Directly to Collectors on Instagram.”

Benefits of using Instagram to promote your work

Here are some of the benefits you get by creating an account on Instagram and marketing your paintings there:

  • Comfort. There is no need to go to the local markets in cold or heat, where artists usually sell their artworks. You don’t need to arrange expensive exhibitions in art centers, not even knowing whether it will pay off. Instead stay at home, make a cup of tea, and enjoy selling your paintings from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Fan traffic. No matter how great the exhibition is, major limiting factors are opening hours and location accessibility. This means that just a small percentage of potentially interested people will be able to visit an exhibition. Meanwhile, Internet platforms provide an opportunity for millions of users to see your paintings day or night. As a consequence, the probability of a successful sale increases. 
  • Competition. You might consider it as a minus, but it’s not. Because artists can easily see the artworks of other painters in a similar genre, you can observe their vector of development, learn about new products, or pick up new techniques. This will definitely increase your mastery and create options for new, original, artistic solutions.

Sell artwork on Instagram

  • Price. It is often difficult for a creative person to set prices for their work. Internet resources offer suggestions on how to calculate the cost of the painting. With the help of Instagram, you can set a fair price according to the prices of other painters. Moreover, selling on Instagram lets you escape the significant cut you would pay a gallery and makes your art more affordable.
  • Anonymity. This option is perfect for those who want to stay in the shadow of their artworks.
  • Branding. On the contrary, if your goal is to become famous, Instagram is exactly what you need. The more people see you on social networks, the more you get recognition of your talent. Also, popularity is always a bonus in selling your product.
  • Loyalty. This is so great when people love your art. They not only fall in love with the paintings, but they stay with you and keep buying your artwork as well as recommending it to friends. 

Overall, for the price of a small time investment spent setting up an Instagram account, your creativity will be within reach of numerous art connoisseurs.

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