After 2 years of hard work we are very proud to announce the release of the long-anticipated ImageFramer upgrade: ImageFramer 3!

Why the excitement?

Because this new release brings ImageFramer framing to another level: from a good framing application to a world-class ultimate framing solution.

So what’s new?

ImageFramer 3 is a total redesign of ImageFramer 2, featuring elegant and intuitive interface, powerful features like combining multiple frames and mats, saving design templates and even an embedded frame editor that allows users to create their own frames from their graphics.
ImageFramer 3 contains over 400 various frames, and more frames are being added constantly. These newly added frame are downloaded automatically for registered users. In addition, users of Pro version have access to additional hundreds of high-resolution frames from frame manufacturers with catalog numbers – simplifying the process of ordering real frames for their artwork.

You can download a free trial version now or learn more by watching an introductory screencast, visiting the gallery or reading about ImageFramer 3 features.

ImageFramer 3 interface

ImageFramer 3 interface

New features in more detail

  • Beautiful user interface will make your work in ImageFramer a pleasure.
  • Multiple frame types – molding (like in version 2), moldings with corner and full-sized image frames, including masking frames for photos.
  • You can add multiple frames to one image, creating endless design opportunities.
  • Mat’s width for all 4 sides can now be controlled individually. Ready mat library of dozens of pre-defined mat colors in every shade you like. Mat’s bevel color can be defined.
  • Image and text watermarks can be added with easy but powerful controls.
  • Design variations are now visual. Selecting the best variation has become easier.
  • You can save your frame designs as templates and use them to use on different images later. There is also a library of preset templates supplied with the application.
  • Huge frame collection combined with automatic download of new frames in the background.
  • Embedded frame editor allows you to create your own frames (Pro edition only).

Frame Editor

Upgrading from ImageFramer 2

We have a special discount for early birds: all registered users of ImageFramer 2 can upgrade to ImageFramer 3 for just $14.95, which represents a discount of over 60% on full ImageFramer 3 price!
This price will last until the end of October and will then rise to $19.95, so don’t miss this opportunity: download a free trial version and upgrade if you like it.
You can also update your ImageFramer 2.4.10 version to version 2.4.11, which adds a button on the toolbar that will take you directly to the upgrade process, with your license already filled in.

Last, but not least

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Glen, Ralph, Andrew, Matthew, Robert and Welles, who helped us in testing ImageFramer, contributing content and ideas and helping us make it better.
You helped us a great deal, and it’s users like you who keep us motivated!!!

ImageFramer 4: Your art. Showcased.

Download the best-in-class Mac app for adding photorealistic frames and mats to photos and artwork today.