ImageFramer Report-2

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of ImageFramer is now available!

Here are some of the features included in the ImageFramer 3.3 upgrade:

– Allow setting “Real-world” size for the image being framed. With this you can:
– ImageFramer displays total real-world size of the framed result
– Generate Design Report (Pro version only). A Design Report (pictured above) produces a PDF with sizes for frame layers in real-world sizes (based on real width set in Design Settings). Find it in Design Settings panel and in the File menu.
– ImageFramer now accepts images dragged from Photos, Safari and other applications
– Support loading grayscale and non-8-bit-per-channel input images
– Allow zooming with zoom gesture on the trackpad (10.10+)
– Click on mat and molding-type layers to select them
– Click on the image itself to select the image layer
– Resize mats and molding-type frames using the Scroll Wheel over the frame or the up/down scroll gesture on the trackpad)
– Change frame overlap with Command Key + Scroll Wheel over the molding-type frame
– Change mat bevel size with Command Key + Scroll Wheel over the mat
– Share button added to the bottom bar to share using standard OS X share providers (Facebook, Twitter, Messages)
– Fixed “Show shadows” checkbox in Design Settings
– Fixed calculation of sizes for cropped images
– Added Printing support

For more information and inspiration for how to use ImageFramer, visit our Facebook page and join our community, and don’t forget to rate ImageFramer on the Mac App Store!

Update instructions:

Mac App Store customers should update ImageFramer in the Mac App Store.

Direct customers should choose “Check for new version” in their “ImageFramer” menu or download ImageFramer from our website.