ImageFramer 3.1.2 is more than a dot update. It brings some of the most long-requested features. It’s also the last version to work on Leopard (10.5). Please read the release notes carefully as some changes might be hard to discover on your own.

As Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) is going to be released soon, this will be the last version of ImageFramer to support Leopard (10.5) and thus PowerPC Macs. Apple doesn’t make it easy to support both Lion and Leopard at the same time, and we have a general policy to try and support one major OS version back. We’ll only release an update for Leopard if a major bug will be discovered in this version. On the other hand, this will allow us to give a better experience to Snow Leopard and Lion customers, which is already the vast majority of users.

So, what’s new in ImageFramer 3.1.2?

  • NEW: Show aspect ratio of the framed image on the bottom bar. You can select the desired aspect ratio, based on common image ratios, and ImageFramer will display where you are related to it. It will show in green color when it’s close. You can also select to let ImageFramer show the resulting aspect ratio based on the closest standard ratio, automatically.
  • NEW: ImageFramer also shows the framed image’s size (in pixels) above the aspect ratio. The framed image size is based on the Drag Export preferences which are also saved between ImageFramer launches. Clicking on the image size text will take you straight to this preference, where you’ll be able to modify the exported image size calculation method.
  • NEW: All sliders on the layers’ controls now have a text box next to them to allow seeing and entering exact numbers for the slider values.
  • NEW: Added slider locking to image cropping control, similar to the lock in the color mat controls.
  • NEW: Hold Alt (Option) key to temporarily toggle the lock in color mats and image cropping controls. This is usually faster than clicking on the lock icon and then clicking again.
  • NEW: Holding Alt (Option) key replaces topmost frame layer instead of adding a new layer above it. This is very useful if you want to compare different frames fast since now you have to delete the layer and then add a new one.
  • NEW: Added three-finger swipe gesture support to Library view:
    * Swiping to the right will behave like double-clicking on the selected library item. In Collections will dive into the selected collection, same for Sets. In frames it will add the selected frame to the design (or replace if Alt key is held).
    * Swiping to the left will take you up a level in the hierarchy. From frames to sets, from sets to collections.
    * Swiping up or down will alternate between Library and Favorites.
  • Added instructions to Variation panel when there are no variations
  • Lock sliders on color mat sizes by default since you’ll usually want to start with changing all sides and only later possibly adapt sides one by one.
  • Allow deleting collections with a Backspace or Delete keys in Frame Editor. (Pro edition only). Erasing Collections and Sets will now also ask for confirmation if they’re not empty.
  • Allow .tiff and .jpeg extensions. Handle TIFF in a smart way, will try to match source extension. This helps to integrate ImageFramer with Aperture.
  • On Snow Leopard and higher, when entering Save Dialog, ImageFramer will propose the target file name based on the Export Preferences, so you can automatically add prefix or suffixes, like with Drag Export.
  • FIX: Exported image size was often giving 1-pixel off dimensions when calculating them based on original image size. This often led to a non-crisp rendering of the original image, which is obviously not desired.
  • FIX: Occasional issues with corrupted export images when the image has transparent parts.
  • Added newsletter signup from within ImageFramer menu.
  • Added check for ongoing Frames Library update to prevent app to quit during this time.

ImageFramer 4: Your art. Showcased.

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