ImageFramer Card Creator

We’re excited to announce the release of the Card Creator pack for ImageFramer. This downloadable frame pack has over 120 design elements which enable creating a variety of greeting cards for any occasion in mere minutes. Combine these artist-created elements to create a coordinated look without years of design school.

This frame collection has six greeting card sets that you can combine to create your own card:

  • Borders
  • Card Backgrounds
  • Graphics
  • Phrases
  • Pre-made Cards
  • Text Lines

Card Creator Sets The design elements featured in the new pack are carefully crafted to work together. This means that by layering elements you can create a complete card design in a matter of minutes. Check out some examples of layering design elements below.    

Now you can create greeting cards with ImageFramer easier than before. This pack joins other designs available in ImageFramer that enable creation of personalized greeting cards. It’s available for only $9.99.

You can check more info on this pack and other downloadable packs for ImageFramer on our Downloadable Frame Packs page.

Buy the Card Creator Pack for ImageFramer

After the purchase, you’ll receive your download link for the Card Creator pack. Then double-click on the file to import it into ImageFramer.